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Say Hi TO Them :D

 Monday, April 26, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To You Priscilla TanXueTing ! ! ! !

11:50 PM
Loving you Is Something I wanted!.

 Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ha ! Today was working from 10 am to 4pm and yesterday i was Working from
2Pm to 8pm but I At there Slack untill 3AM+ Lmao ! Reach home 4am+ and
Sleep around 5am wake up at 7:30Am ! LOl . but today working was Fun ! *Laughs*
because I Learn Alot *SIMPLE animal NAME In Chinese* From Niki ! *Laughs* !
I think she work with me she will Go Mad soon ! *Laughs* ! I keep ask her stupid question!
And Her Hair How she make de lmao ! Nice ehh i mean the way she make her hair ! *laughs*
plus Today I go Draw The Ice Kachang Puppy Love de poster ! But I draw in other way .
I draw A bowl of Ice Kachang And A puppy between 2 heart After my drawing done I go show
her and she ask me What That bowl of blackblack like dabian(shit) Lmao !
Other people can see is Ice Kachang She Say IS DABIAN(SHit) LMAO !
Dam funny Sia ! *Laughs* ! But Also canot blame her because I using BLack And Blue pen only.
*Laughs* ! ! oh Ya that DRawing is at the counter there ! Hope they dont throw away...
After Work Straight Go home because too tired ~ but I did not go rest sia ! . I think going
soon .... *LAUGHs*

The End .

Never make anyone worry anymore!
Never think stupid thing anymore!
Never wanted be lifeless anymore!
Never do stupid anymore!
Never want to *EMO* anymore!
Never want to make myself regret anymore!
I always wanted to know the answer but you cant
give me the answer now because you still have someone
in your Heart . nevermind i will just wait for your
perfect answer no matter what the answer is i will
just accupt it. I Only Just wanted See your happy face,
smile and laugh-ter ! that all . heex... Sorry I have
being so retarded all the way from the starting ....

9:28 PM
Loving you Is Something I wanted!.

 Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chang-ed My Blog Song (: stay And Listen bah (: !

Love is WhEn My plan not having my way
So be It bah As long As you can be Happy I am ok with it ^^ .
time really go fast ~ 1months is reaching soon.
Because i Lose to you on the bet and I will have to entertain you for 1months.
After The 1 months I really dun know What i should Do What Should i speak or
maybe am i going talk to you ._.
I dun think you will need me anymore bah ...
Nvm bah noboday will care .

LOVE this SOng Too :D
Lets The Song Speak my Heart Out from Now on bah. Tired of hidIng anymore :D
*Take note Pause The PLayer befor You play this song (:*

8:10 PM
Loving you Is Something I wanted!.

 Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh fuck ! ~ yawns ~
kind of sick and tired aready!
Crap I dun feel like speaking anymore !
I really don't know what to talk anymore !
Everyword speak from my mouth is so childish!

12:30 AM
Loving you Is Something I wanted!.

 Sunday, April 18, 2010

SIAN ! Tmr got School And my Project and my component Thing got problem sia ! LMAo And today wanted to go buy de So Went To sim lim Tower and when i reach there most of the shop is closing -.- so i went to afew stored to ask but they dun sell single componet they onli sell 1 set -.- Sian LA ! ... Hope Teacher got spare bah ! HAHA If Dun have jiu Have To Go Again And Try Find again bah ! HAHA :D . kays bah nothing to post le wor ~

Ciao ~

You are the first person that make me wanted you So much ,
I have never really wanted someone that much before ,
you make me think crazily and you know what ? (I reli hate thinking very much !)
hah ! SomeTime I really wanted to know what am i thinking also
but I just dun know Maybe i am trying to run away from facts bah .
Sometime I also feel like digging a hole to hide myself up . haha
Useless & loser me ... ( Y )

10:48 PM
Loving you Is Something I wanted!.

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